FEB 2021


Wild Flower


The Team prepare the land corner of Dale Road and Welton Low Rd. First special alkaline top soil is donated from CR Reynolds, who are currently building the Brough Relief Rd. To get things started we purchase wild flower turf. Work

and watering is

ongoing to get the

wild flowers

established. Our

aim is to place a

large bee hive on

the area, as special ornamental feature ready for Easter.

Shaun & Shovel

Dan from CR Reynolds

Dave, Shaun & Neil level the soil

Sue, Coleen, Dave, Margaret, Shaun, Val and Mary - Job finished

Margaret & Coleen & 

Terry laying some turf

JAN 2021


Of to a great start for the New Year,

Tree Planting in Moor Road and Myrtle Meadow with trees courtesy of East Riding Council. Big thanks to Andy Harper, Pete Skinner and Judy Neadley, Coleen & Terry Gill

Turf Arrives

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