SEPT 2021 

Dancing in the Street as the team
celebrate 21 years of Elloughton & Brough In Bloom.

And not with one cake but two!

21st dance.JPG
21st party inside 2.jpg


This month the team tackle tidying up the land area where the Romain Soldier is sited.

Shaun donated some new membrane and 1 ton of new stones where purchased. Pictured are: Judy, Dave and Simon.

Marylin, Judy and Coleen cut back the overgrowth, which has covered the fruit tress on Myrtle Meadow.

Also we have Dangerous Dave at work repainting the bus shelter on Main Street, Elloughton

Myrtle Jungle.jpg
brough x rds.jpg

JULY 2021

Local artist and In Bloom Volunteer Paula and Amy get bee'sy with a Bee design on the Welton Road Bus shelter. A new theme is created every 2-3 years and this time it's the important message about our bees. There is also a mosaic Roman in keeping with Brough's historic past.

Creating a Herb Garden on Brough's Historic Roman Site

The In Bloom Team have collaborated with The Burrs Playing Field Committee to create a Special Roman Herb Garden. This is in time for the Committees Roman Weekend event on 10th July.

Foundation Sleepers where sort and donated by local resident Ibrac Khan and additional sleepers where purchased by the Committee.

Special help with trailer from local fireman Paul with In Bloom Team members Marilyn, Keith, Coleen & Terry

Sleepers 6.JPG
Sleepers 10.JPG
Sleepers 2.JPG

JUNE 2021

June is bursting out all over. And the In Bloom Team are out keeping everything as tidy as possible.


Brough Firemen where called upon to help dig out an old concrete post foundation, so planting could be done. Many thanks go to Paul Kellington and the lads.

4. Firemen.JPG
3. Pic 3.JPG
1. Judy.JPG
2. Heat.JPG

 Working in the sweltering heat at Elloughton 


Free Coffee arrives for the volunteers from Grubbs


MAY 2021

This month we launched our 'Bee Kind' to bees display.

This is on the corner of Welton Low Road and Dale Road, Elloughton. 

A bed of Wild Flowers were sourced earlier this year are now starting to flower. A extra large ornamental bee hive was made by a local boat builder and special large bees were made by local metal sculptor Rupert Wilson.

Pictured right are members of Brough In Bloom with Rupert and his Mum Vicky. Funds for this came from the Atkinson Trust Foundation of which we thank very much.

Bee Hive for web site.jpeg

Above is our Bee Kind hive with features metal sculptured bees that we hand made by local artist Rupert Wilson.

The feature is to make everyone aware of the importanance of bees and what everyone can do to encourage their survival. And one things is Plant Wild Flowers.



A big thanks you goes to Local resident Mrs. Carter who has kindly donated £200 to sponsor our Elloughton Cross Roads flower bed. Pictured are In Bloom volunteers Margaret, Linda and Sue.

APRIL 2021

Big thanks you to Morrisons who have donated seeds and compost. Coleen receiving the good from Morrisons Supervisor.

Yucca's get a prune and tidy up for Spring.


Team get to work, socially distanced for a garden potting session. Plug plants have been purchased and will be grown on in member greenhouses before being planted in the Community.

Morrisons Give Plants.jpg

Cenotaph get 2 new planters donated by an anonymous source. The planters are to replace the ones that recently got damaged due to a car running into them. Pictured left are Neville and Jason who delivered the urns. And right Judy and Coleen with one of the urns planted up.


MARCH 2021

In honour of Capt Tom Moore the residents of Spindlewood, Elloughton clubbed together to buy a Cherry Tree and Commemorative plaque.

Spring cleaning at the Cenotaph with Judy, Dave and Margaret.


FEB 2021


Wild Flower


The Team prepare the land corner of Dale Road and Welton Low Rd. First special alkaline top soil is donated from CR Reynolds, who are currently building the Brough Relief Rd. To get things started we purchase wild flower turf. Work

and watering is

ongoing to get the

wild flowers

established. Our

aim is to place a

large bee hive on

the area, as special ornamental feature ready for Easter.

Turf Lay 2.jpg

Shaun & Shovel

Dan from CR Reynolds

Dave, Shaun & Neil level the soil

Sue, Coleen, Dave, Margaret, Shaun, Val and Mary - Job finished

Margaret & Coleen & 

Terry laying some turf


Turf Arrives

JAN 2021


Of to a great start for the New Year,

Tree Planting in Moor Road and Myrtle Meadow with trees courtesy of East Riding Council. Big thanks to Andy Harper, Pete Skinner and Judy Neadley, Coleen & Terry Gill