MAY 22

24 Boat at South Hunsley Primary.JPG

All onboard for South Hunsley

Local boat builder Butler Boats donated a boat to South Hunsley Primary School. The boat will be sited for children to play on and hopefully learn about sailing. They plan to have naming competition too. Pictured are Coleen (Left) with pupils and Teachers.

Queen Bees Jubilee Bus Shelter

21 Bus Shelter QJ2.JPG
20 bus shelter QJ1.JPG

Our dedicated artist Paula Brown has got the Jubillee bug and created a Queen bee theme on in the bus shelter on Welton Road Brough.

Along side each bee there is a message: Bee Kind, Bee Safe, Bee Thoughtful.

Paula has also created by hand a large Queen Jubilee roundel that is sited on the outside of the shelter.

23 School Kids at Elloughton X Road.JPG

School Kids take to planting
in Elloughton

Pupils of Elloughton Primary School were invited to come and help with the Jubilee planting at Elloughton Crossroads.

They all enjoyed learning and planting the new silver and purple plants that will be in flowering for the Queen Silver Jubilee.

In Bloom stall at the Methodist Church Flower Festival

Methodist Flower Festival.jpeg
Flower festival Window.jpeg

Weekend of the 14th-15th May In Bloom are invited to have a stall at the Methodist Flower Festival. I window display was also created in the Chruch. - £40 was raised from selling plants and flowers. Pic left Dressy Sue and Pic right: Sue Alywin with the window display.

Morrisons donate a trolley load of plants

Local Morrison's have donated a trolley load of geraniums to In Bloom in preparation for the Queen Jubilee flower displays at Brough and Elloughton Crossroads. Pictured here: Coleen receiving the plants from Angie, Morrisons Community Champion.

Morrisons Donate Plants.jpg

2 New Members are keen on Bees

Attendee of Elloughton Nursery School and her friend show their support for Bees

2 new members.jpg
Local resident Mrs. Carter donates £100 to In Bloom for this years planting.

FEB 2022


A tribute to our fellow member and Treasurer Bill Bell, who sadly died earlier this year.

Bill's favourite tree, a Rowan tree, was selected by Bill's wife Ann, was donated by Brough In Bloom.

It was planted on High Road, Elloughton overlooking his home and British Aerospace, where he worked for a many years.

Bill was Treasurer for Brough in Bloom for over 21yrs. He also made bird boxes and also planted many trees in the area.

Pictured with the tree Coleen & Dave of In Bloom, Bill's daughter Jane, Bill's Grandson and Ann, Bill's wife, Val, IN Bloom. (Inset photo of Bill)

Bill Bell Tree and Team.JPG
3. Bill Bell (Treasurer).JPG


Our work goes on. Some of the team working on the round bed at Humber Crescent.


Dangerous Dave turns our trusty guard Silver ready for the Queen's Jubilee Celebrations

Yes we call him Dangerous Dave but he's the kindest man you'll ever meet.

We got him to paint the Roman Soldier at Brough Crossroads in Silver ready to be part of our Queen's Jubilee Celebrations in June. 


Team get to work on tidying Coronation Copse

Also with the  Queen's Jubilee in mind the team are now taking on tidying Coronation Copse. This is the triangle where Station Road splits near the Ferry Inn.

This area has been a bit neglected for a while due to a Covid and a the volunteer moving away from the area,

A skip is going to be provided for free courtesy of UNISKIP of Brough. The old boat is being removed and new planting is coming soon. 

coro copse.jpeg

Spring is blooming all over


Fireemen Water Wild Flowers.jpeg
Wild Flower Watering.JPG

Wild Flower Area Extended.

We have extended our Wild Flower area on Welton Low Road, Elloughton to twice the original size.

The bee hive is also with message Bee Kind Plant Wild Flowers.

However because of the current dry spell getting them watered was a problem. Fortunately our local fire team brought a Fire Engine out whilst they were off duty to help.

Happy New Year

JAN 22

A few of the Team Members brave the cold on New Years Day tidying the beds at Elloughton Cross Roads and celebrate the New Year with a tipple.

Our 2022 work programme has begun with some great ideas for planting and maintaining all of the 60 flower beds and planters we look after in Elloughton and Brough.

If you are looking for a new activity for the New Year then why not come and join us. Email

Keep visiting this page at the end of each month for update on some of the work we are doing throughout 2022.

Christmas Celebration.JPG
Christmas Celebration 2.JPG