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DIARY 2019




We had a funfing rasing 'Stars in their Eyes' night on Fri 1st Nov at Blackie Club. A total of £140 was raised.

Local firemen came to the rescue to help tidy up and do planting at a number of beds in Brough.



The local WI donated £50 worth of bulbs for the community.

The team are planning to put a variety of the flower beds.

ALSO a big thank you to long standing volunteer June Kay for the donation of £50 follwing her death of her husband Ron Kay. They both worked for a number of years keeping the Cenotaph clean and tidy.

Fireman to the rescue.

Local fire crew were called out to help dig out large shrubs and heavy rocks at Brough Crossroads. Pictured Officers Ian Johnson and Paul Kellington get stuck in. 


A Myrtle Way tidy up took place to get rid of weeds and over growth 1st week of October.  Also pictured one of our new Silver Gilt In Bloomer Hi Vis Jackets.




The team are work all year round. Here they are tidying Loxley Way area.



Lifestylers help Brough In Bloom with planting and watering the turf at the Cenotaph.

Sue Thackery organised 2 new through planters for Loxley Way.


The team got to work and installed 2 x 3 tier planters purchased by The High Street Fund grant. The planters are in place at Elloughton and Brough Crossroads.


July 14th saw our Open Gardens event. Great result. With 14 fab owners who opened their gardens to the public and over 140 people attending we raised £647.75.

Big thank to all involved and everyone who supported us. We also had a little extra help from local school girl Lifestylers team 'Community Caring Kids'

On the 3rd the judges came and were very impressed.

Judy and Coleen visit the new South Hunsley Primary School to talk about a wildlife area project, of which they are keen on doing. In Bloom donated a water butt to the school.

The team planted  turf at the Cenotaph and watered it regularly.

Sue and Keith made some wooden planters and filled them with geraniums.

Judy planted some beetroot on Centurion Way.





Team tidied the wood and beds on Welton Road.

Paula and Dave painted a new design on the Welton Road bus shelter. Pete cut grass around Myrtle Way 

Received High Street Fund grant of £750 to purchase 2 x 3 story planners and turf for both Elloughton and Brough crossroads.

Also both Elloughton and Brough crossroads including the cenotaph have been re-tidied.

A group of Spindlewood residents came out to tidy up too.



Coleen ordered 12 water butts for when water is short in the Summer.

Tour de Yorkshire brought in the crowds at Elloughton Crossroads. We had an In Bloom tent to sell plants and raffle tickets for a floral decorated bike. (Winner pictured opposite). We raised £168. We also got businesses to sponsor ten painted bikes which raised a further £100. 50% of all money raised was shared with Help for Heroes. 




Where getting ready to take over the old East Riding Community Link unit, which is situated at the entrance on Welton Road. We are hoping to use this as a central point and meeting area. - Here we see Terry putting up a new plaque to on the building that's show our logo and Gold Award win for 2018. 

East Riding Council delivered us some bark to spread on Brough Crossroads beds and elsewhere. Big thank to Bill and all the team for their hard work.




​Coleen and Sue visited Elloughton School to help the reception classes plant Sunflower Seeds.  Will be calling back in 3 weeks to see how much the seeds have grown.

Volunteers took out all the old roses at the Cenotaph ,  weeded and prepared area for the new Red Roses.

Added manure just before it rained.

Recycled the old ones in our wooded area looked after by Val and Dave.

ORDERED 32 RED ROSES for the Cenotaph work starts on Monday by the In Bloom team.



Collected 9 bikes that have been donated to Brough In Bloom to decorate up for the Tour De Yorkshire.  Thanks goes to Mrs Garrod, Paul Leigh, Rosemary Wilson and Mrs, Newell.

6 Members team up to tidy up the entrance and plant Spring flowers at Spindlewood

Chairlady has requested some bark for Brough crossroads,  following 3 crab apple trees that the team planted.

The Half Moon Pub ordered 4 hanging Baskets sorted by In Bloom from the Potting Shed at South Cave.

Chairlady did a talk to the friendship group about Brough in Bloom and received £30 donation.


Terry put up our first Gold Plaque Winners of Best Town 2018 sponsored by the Half Moon Pub in Elloughton.

We have been donated 5 old bikes ready for the Tour De Yorkshire Event in May.

We have received 8 fruit trees and stakes from East Riding Council for free. Team set to plant these first week of Feb


A resident donated 2 large planters for the community.

Members planted up the The Green at Elloughton with yellow and blue petunias.

Team worked in freezing conditions tidying Brough Crossroads. Cutting back shrubs etc.

Margaret donated some For-get-me-knot plants, grown from seed, for Spindlewood

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