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A special meeting was held to discuss sites for 3 Gold Ward plaques. The team also got together to tidy up Brough Crossroads. More bulbs were planted with help of the Scouts along the verges.



Thanks to East Riding Officer and worker Steve Colby and Bill Mills for the truck full of pansies. Brough is going to look so pretty soon


At our meeting we have decided to purchase 3 plaques promoting our 3 GOLD awards

We now just need to get permission.



The team has been busy preparing sites for our bulb planting next month

Big Thanks to EAST RIDING COUNCIL for 2 big bags of Daffodils

Also Thanks to the W I for the £50 worth of bulbs too


In Bloom team up with the local Lifestylers from South Hunsley School to help them be involved in local community projects.

Team We're MAD (Making a Difference) helped with weeding and dancing a routine for the local residents' nursing home. Another team, Two's Company, painted a boat planter and a seat in the church yard.


In Bloom support the Petuaria  Revisited project and presentation, which was held at the Village Hall on Sunday 29th July.

Thanks to all the residents and Business for helping us water while we have this very dry spell.

In Bloomers welcome the 3 Judges, Tim, Deidre and David to our Town on a beautiful Sunny Day.

Dave repaints Elloughton Road bus shelter

ready for new artwork to be created by

The WI.

Elloughton Rings get a replant and bark to hold in the moisture in the current dry


Sue and Coleen re plant the boat with help

yourself herbs at Roman Landing near the Haven. Butler Boats offered to water them.

A seat was made by Dave and was painted

and decorated with In Bloom logos by

pupils of Welton School


Keith and Sue complete thier extensive make over and tidy up of the entrance to Brough and Welton at Loxley way. See photos>>>>




Paula and Ami give the bus shelter at Humber Crescent a complete make over.

Their very artistic Roman, Peturia theme is truly fantastic - see opposite >>>

Welton County Primary School children painted sunflowers of our logo on a bench, which was made for them, near Loxley Way.

Sue and Coleen re planted the boxes outside Elloughton School.

Work has started on installing the Victorian Water Pump on The Green in Main Street, Elloughton.

Terry and Coleen placed large 3 mitre banners at the Crossroads and Brough/A63 junction, promoting Elloughton Open Gardens.


Terry and Dave take out 4 old rotten planters containing plants and conifers at the Cenotaph. They recycled 2 of the conifers by replanting nearby.

Bill, Louise, Sue and Coleen weeded the areas around the Cenotaph. Bill also trimmed the hedging at Brough Crossroads.



Hedge Cutting at Brough Crossroads thanks to Bill, Freda, Judy, Sue and Coleen

Louise planted up Freeman with wall flowers and gereiums.


The sun is out so members are making progress weeding and planting. Dave has cut up an old telegraph pole to make a seat.

Judy has been in the drain to get the tree stakes that vandals had thrown in.

Val has weeded and planted up the large ring on Humber Crescent.

Elloughton Crossroads rings have been weeded by Margaret, Sue, Linda and Coleen.

Residents are complementing us on how beautiful the Half Moon Rings look.

New Herb Garden has been erected by Terry and Coleen outside the Chemist.




Terry printed of leaflets to advertise Elloughton Open Gardens on the 10th of June

Members delivered them.

Dave Painted our notice board front and back

Dave and Keith dug out two large herbs from Freeman Ave.

Keith planted 20 Gladiolus, 50 Allium, 90 Oxalis, 80 Brodiaea, 6 Crocosmia, 30 Freesia and 24 Liaris with the help of Susan.on Loxley Way enterance.

Judith Haldenby, Chair of the local WI donates £50 worth of bulbs. The varieties of which have been chosen opposite. These will be planted in various beds in the area.


Volunteers Margaret & Mike donated a pop-up greenhouse to help bring on and grow plants from seed.



Wed 27th & Thu 28th March

ERYC deliver bags of bark chipping for team to distribute at Brough Crossroads.

Linda and Coleen painted chains and post around soldier statue. Keith painted statue

Thursday 22nd March Coleen potted up 72 Marigold plugs for use in the Summer.

Linda, Freda, Sue, Louise and Coleen spent 3.5 hours Wed 21st March tidying up Brough Crossroads including paniting.

Brough Guides helped to plant Victoria Cross Poppy Seeds which are to be placed around the Cenotaph ready for Summer. See photo left to right|: Ruby G, Ruby S, Stella, Ellen, Maddie and Hannah.


A big thank you to Maralyn Pearson for donating a variety of garden tools. See photo

I'Just sowed some Nasturiums seeds for our community planters.

Order paint for our bollards and Bus Shelters

Asked the East Riding for primrose plants

Thanks to East Riding Council for funding In Bloom trees and bulbs, also a Big Thank you to Gary and Mike of LandPlan Tree Specialist for the supply and planting of the 10 new trees on Myrtle Meadow.

Also 1000 plug plants purchased today ready for planting in the community, which will bloom in time for Summer Judging.

Plants from ERYC.JPG
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