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As voted for on Thurs 4th May 2023
Here are your Independent In Bloom Town Councillors
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Marilyn Bentham
M Bentham.jpg

I live in Elloughton and joined the Brough in Bloom volunteers 2 years ago and began helping with litter picking and gardening. Before retiring, I had a career as a social worker in adult services, specialising in disabilities and sensory impairments across York, North Yorkshire and the East Riding, later moving on to be an Operations Director for a large York based charity. 
I am passionate about improving our environment and the importance of community involvement. In times of austerity, it is even more important to scrutinise how budgets are spent and ensure the maximum benefit for the community. If elected I would make these areas the centre of my focus.

Suzanne Fisher
S Fisher.jpg

I am married and lived in Brough for over 20 years and in that time I set up and managed the Dove House Hospice Shop in Brough.

I am a keen gardener and enjoy getting outdoors and being part of the In Bloom volunteer team.


With Brough constantly changing I feel it is important to try to keep our Town’s village feel and hope my contributions go some way to help that.

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R Harrison.jpg

I live in Brough and after over 45 busy years in education I am now in a position to contribute to the local community by supporting the In Bloom teams’ magnificent efforts to enhance the local environment, bring some cheerful colour to the area and encourage people to take a pride in their surroundings. With a long-standing love of gardening, I am keen to develop the green spaces on our doorstep for people to enjoy in perpetuity, something for the children and grandchildren of our families to treasure and maintain in the future.


I have lived in Elloughton/Brough for nearly all my life and went to Elloughton Primary then on to South Hunsley. I worked at BAE Systems for 18 years, during which time I joined the Fire Service there. I am now a Full Time Firefighter and also On-Call at Brough Fire Station. The Community is really important to me, and I enjoy being part of the ‘In Bloom’ team and making the area appealing to young and old. We should all have pride in our area, keeping it clean and tidy. I urge everyone to join in and give a bit back - be proud of where you live. 

P Kellington.jpg

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V Parker.jpg

I have lived in Brough for over 50 years. Before retiring I worked at the Local Newsagents for many years. I am also a member of Brough Methodist Church organising Coffee Mornings for our lonely residents.

Since my late husband died being an In Bloom volunteer has been invaluable to me. It has brought my gardening skills back to life and it’s always good to get outdoors again. If Elected to the Town Council I feel I have a great deal to offer in champing activities for our older members of the Community, as well as continuing to see our ever-growing Town looking the best it can be

S Rennison.jpg

I live in Elloughton and after a career in the Merchant Navy I got married, joined Berni Inns. I then moved into retail with Grandways stores as a trainee manager, progressing to Operations Director. 
In 1992 my wife and I ran The Bear Inn, South Cave and developed and owned other businesses including The Triton Inn, Brantingham. 
Now retired I have become an ambassador for a national charity and over the past 5 years I have enjoyed being active in the Community with the In Bloom team. I feel my business expertise will be invaluable should I be Elected to the Town Council.

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M Twining.jpg

I have lived in the old part of Brough for over 20 years prior to running a busy Post Office and Newsagents business with my husband.
I care passionately about our Town and enjoy helping the In Bloom volunteers in the Community. However, there are several areas, which come under the Town Council that need cultivating and sadly they won’t give the volunteers permission to improve them. 
If Elected to the Town Council I hope to take a more active role in making a difference. 

Full list of all Candidates and the final 12 Town Councilors Elected (Highlighted) on 4th May 2023

Why we are stood

In Bloom volunteers are already working for you all-year-round.
If Elected to the Town Council we would be aiming to inject some positivity and creative thinking  to help make our growing Town a nicer place to live. 

We would also be very mindful of how Public money is spent. We have already achieved great benefits in the Town at no direct expense to the tax payer.

Our volunteer work in the Community over the past year has saved the Town Council over £16,000.

On Thursday 4th May 2023 there was two Elections.
Apart from it being the East Riding Council Local Election, where you will vote for up to 3 representatives for the Ward, there was also an Election to choose up to 12 volunteer Councillors just for the Elloughton cum Brough Town Council.

Now it's quite rare for there to be an Election for the Town Council

This is due through lack of persons interested in coming forward and often no replacements for those leaving there are often vacant seats.

There have been new people get on through co-option but there has never been more than 12 people to stand at Election Times for nearly 24 years….but there is now.

It's time for a change.

Several of the current Councillors have been on the Town Council for years, without a proper election.

Some of their decisions and thinking we have found outrageous, here are just 3 examples:

Raising the Precept element of our Council tax when income is increasing each year anyway from new housing developments.

Considered getting a loan to renovate & buy new office and meeting room at a cost of £1/2million, which could have increased our Council tax even further.

Deciding to pay their Handyman to work on tidying the Town entrance Planters when the In Bloom Team offered to do them for free. 

Muhammad AKBAR, Independent 481

Marilyn BENTHAM, Brough in Bloom 1,234

Anne BENTLEY, Independent 308

Stephen BLEE¸ Independent, 634

Chris DUCKLES, Independent, 756

Sue DUCKLES, Independent, 871

Suzanne FISHER, Brough in Bloom, 1,447

Rajinder HARRISON, Brough in Bloom, 1,068

Paul KELLINGTON, Brough in Bloom, 1,518

Waqar KHAN, Conservatives, 545

James LOIZIDES, Independent, 238

Marinos LOIZIDES, Independent, 353

Alan LUCKRAFT, Liberal Democrats, 707

Sam MUZAFFAR Independent, 581

Val PARKER, Brough in Bloom, 1,537

Shaun RENNISON, Brough in Bloom, 1,204

Kath TROTTER, Independent, 642

Maureen TWINING, Brough in Bloom, 1,240

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